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Kabale University Library operates in departments in the management of library activities and bellow are the departmental activities.

Reader Service, Research and Special Collections
Provides and maintains reference services, manages reserve services, Carries out registration of users/patrons, Conducts user education, Conducts charging and discharging , provides Current awareness services, Selective Dissemination of information (SDI) and Clearance of finalists etc.

ICT and Periodicals Services
Manages Library Internet and systems servers , Manages Institutional Digital Repository (KABIDR), procures and manages periodicals (News papers/ journals), Manages and maintains library computers and all other electronic equipment’s ,Collaborates with university units that work with the library in regards to ICT and Research, Organizing training workshops on access and usage of e-resources and all Library systems, the Research Support Services to university researcher’s and students (Plagiarism Software and Reference Management Soft Wares and Digitization of library resources .

Technical services
Concentrates on Information Source materials /Book Selection,, Ordering of information source materials,Information source materials /book processing, accessioning, cataloguing, classification and labeling, Evaluation, abstracting and indexing of information sources materials, Championing library efforts to keep the collections vital and up to date and relevant, Provide best practices, training and services for cataloguing metadata creation online public access catalogue (OPAC), Making library information available and easily accessible by providing order in the collection and Oversees Up-to dateness of all Library Service Systems

Administration Section
handles internal and external administrative matters for the library by providing leadership and managerial techniques such as policies, strategic planning, budgeting, resource management, development, overall direction and operations of the University library, Manages binding, repairs and reprographics. manages Space, equipment and furniture responsible for the security of the library and Ensures cleanliness and orderliness of the library